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About the project

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Through this Commonplace, we want to engage with local communities in the Streatham Wells area and ask you about the local issues regarding traffic, air quality, green spaces and the public realm. We know that as we move into the future, the risks associated with our changing climate, such as flooding or extreme heat events, will increase. Therefore, we want to improve the local area to make it more resilient to the challenges of the future, whilst also creating a low traffic neighbourhood where it is easier and safer to walk and cycle for all. Together with local communities, we want to explore where improvements could be made, how we could reimagine the neighbourhood and to collect feedback on our shared aspirations for the area.

Lambeth was the first London borough to officially declare a climate emergency. As part of this process, the Council organised a Citizens’ Assembly on the climate crisis in the summer of 2021 in which over six weeks 50 Lambeth residents, broadly representative of the borough, learned about the climate crisis and developed recommendations of action for everyone in Lambeth to take. The Assembly’s recommendations underscore the need to reduce private vehicle journeys, quickly introduce greener transport options and create more climate resilient spaces.

In 2020, several Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) were installed in Lambeth as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic, to better enable walking and cycling and prevent a car-led recovery as public transport capacity was restricted. The LTNs sought to enable active travel, reduce car dominance and reimagine our local neighbourhoods. Streatham Wells was identified in the Emergency Transport Strategy as a potential Low Traffic Neighbourhood.

Whilst the focus of this engagement is on the area bounded by and including Streatham Common North, Streatham High Road (A23) and Leigham Court Road, you will have the opportunity to leave comments about the wider area as well. This first phase of the engagement will run in the months of November and December. We will be organising other engagement events in 2022 to discuss the project and our aspirations.

Our Aspirations

In order to guide any changes to the Streatham Wells area, Lambeth has identified the following key aspirations:

  • Create a more climate resilient neighbourhood.
  • Introduce low-traffic neighbourhood interventions to reduce car dominance and remove through traffic.
  • Encourage a shift to more sustainable transport modes such as walking and cycling
  • Make the roads safer to use and cross
  • Improve local air quality
  • Deliver the Mayor of London’s Healthy Streets Approach
  • Improve the local public realm like pavements and green spaces.
  • Some of the ways we could achieve these aspirations:

  • Make the area more climate resilient through reducing the amount of ‘grey space’ (i.e. asphalt or concrete areas) and increase the amount of ‘green space’ for example by planting more street trees, parklets or low-level planting.
  • Improve local streets and spaces to enable safer walking and cycling. This could be done by enhancing existing cycling routes, increasing pavement space, calming traffic and providing more cycle parking spaces.
  • Reduce the volume of (private) vehicle and through-traffic in the area by introducing modal filters and encouraging a shift towards public transport, walking and cycling.
  • Provide more crossing points and tackle dangerous junctions to make crossing easier and safer.
  • Address uneven pavement and install more dropped kerbs to make pavements easier to use for all.
  • Introduce measures to reduce air pollution such as more electric vehicle charging points, more cycle parking, and encourage the uptake of bicycles and cargo bikes for residents and businesses.
  • This Commonplace

    As part of our community engagement, we want to ask you to complete a small survey to collect high-level feedback on our aspirations, and suggestions on how we can achieve these. We also want to hear about your experiences, views and aspirations for the local area. Through the map you will be able to identify and comment on issues regarding transport, air quality, public realm, and green spaces. This feedback will help inform our next steps and any future designs.

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