Other projects in the area


Other projects in the area

Cycle Parking and Storage

As part of our ongoing cycle hangar programme, several streets in the Streatham Wells area are earmarked to have a hangar installed. These streets include Sunnyhill Road and Valley Road with installations planned for the first half of 2022. The scheme has been overwhelmingly popular amongst Lambeth residents. For more information on cycle parking please contact cycleparking@lambeth.gov.uk  

Leigham Court Road improvements

Works are underway to reduce the road danger on Leigham Court Road and improve 20 mph compliance. This will be done by providing better crossing points for pedestrians, the installation of speed humps amongst other measures. Project officers are also undertaking a full bus corridor review to improve bus services on Leigham Court Road.

School Streets - Sunnyhill Primary School & Julian's Primary School

School Streets restrict vehicle access to streets around schools in the borough during pick up and drop off times, facilitating walking, scooting and cycling, reducing road danger, tackling congestion outside the school gates and improving air quality. From November 8th, a School Street will be introduced on Harborough Road and Sunnyhill Road for Sunnyhill Primary School. Another School Street will be intorduced on Etherstone Road for Julian's Primary School

Find out more here.

Streatham Hill Cycle Route

Transport for London (TfL) consulted on introducing a cycle lane on the A23 (Streatham Hill) between Streatham Hill station and the South Circular. TfL consulted on this scheme between February and April 2020, and will be progressing to the detailed design phase.

Streatham Hill LTN

An LTN was introduced in the Streatham Hill area as part of the Covid-19 Emergency Response. The scheme was originally introduced in August 2020 and was later augmented in May 2021 with additional filters on Mount Nod Road and Rosedene Avenue. 

As of May 2022, Lambeth Council is proposing the temporary Streatham Hill Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) should become permanent to reduce road danger, enable sustainable travel, and respond to the climate crisis.

Streatham to Peckham Healthy Route

We are introducing a signed walking and cycling route between Streatham to Peckham, using quiet, traffic-calmed local streets. As part of the route, we are creating better crossing facilities for walking and cycling on Leigham Court Road between Mount Nod Road and Leigham Avenue. More information can be found here.

Community Influencers - Peddle My Wheels

We've partnered with local cycling organisation Peddle My Wheels to encourage active travel amongst those typically under-represented in cycling.

The scheme is underway and will run for approximately 12 months, with successful applicants receiving a free bicycle, maintenance lessons, and training. 

To apply, check out the website.

This engagement phase has finished

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