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Walk and Talk

We want to find out your thoughts around local issues such as traffic, air quality, green spaces and the public realm. We are collecting people’s views via Commonplace but we know that not everyone likes to or can use the internet to feedback in this way. So, we would like to invite you to our “WALK AND TALK” event.

Join the Community Street Design Officers on a walk across the proposed Streatham Wells where we will provide a journal to record your thoughts and explore your views and on:

• Traffic & congestion

• Walking, wheeling and cycling

• Green spaces & trees

• Public transport

• Air quality

• Pavements

• Road safety & speeding

• Public spaces & community

The walk will take 2 hours with a break for an activity and refreshments. We welcome all to join however any children or young people attending must be accompanied by an adult. Tickets are only available for over 18s.

The link above is to the event page for our Journal-Walk and Talk event that we're hosting on Saturday 19th March at 10.30am . We have limited space at the event, so book quickly if you are interested. Tickets are available here:

Posted on 28th February 2022

by DG